Go this way, if you want to go to the good old ASHI.DE page for an overview of my artworks, designs, comics and some facts about my person. If you're interested in an artwork or if you got some work for me just yell.

Jump into the life of ASHITAKA and check out my online-diary. I'm writing about everything and everybody, and for everyones amusement, I decorate my often not-so-serious stories with colourful comic-illustrations. Unfortunately only in German, sorry.

Without knowing how to play a single chord I'm recording my own songs with a guitar, some software, a Groovebox and my voice. Some people do like it, so at least give it a try and visit me on our global capitalism monster machinery!

In my last few minutes of leisure I'm producing the onlinegame-based radiodrama "Ragnarök - Das Hörspiel" with my good friend Benjamin Feldberg. I'm busy with writing the stories, organizing our voice actors and giving self-titled knight "Ashi" my voice.

What the hell?

Yeah, finally a new enter-site. If you want to jump over to good old NETZBASIS just click the angry skull. I just wanted to give something new, cleaning up the mess and giving a better overview of my projects. So, this is the first step - have some fun around here. If you like the new style, please let me know right here, so maybe we can see the whole NETZBASIS in a new outfit soon.


NEWS: New Track up on Myspace - "Lover's Spit" BSS Cover!